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Service points to consider for your small outboard engine (OB) prior to start of boating season.

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Putting boats on the water is back - what about your outboard engine (OB) to hang on the Arancia/IRB transom - is it ready?


Here are 7x steps a D-I-Y helm/boat operator can do – if your outboard is not so new anymore.






It maybe past the warranty period, and you're ready to do some maintenance of your own. Changing the oil is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your outboard.

However, if your engine is still under warranty, or you’re not that mechanically inclined or don't have the facilities, you might want to consider leaving it up to the dealer, especially if additional work is required. Yes, it will cost more than doing it yourself. But with good reasons, especially during the factory warranty period, to simply let the dealer do this work.






So we list the Steps here and more information is on the PDF document.

Step 1 Oil change for 4x stroke engines

Step 2 Gearbox oil change

Step 3 Spark plugs check or change

Step 4 Impellers check the condition. If in doubt replace.

Step 5 Fuel System - fuel filter replacement

Step 6 Anodes - Check it for signs of wear and replace if needed

Step 7 Grease all fittings on the outboard with marine waterproof grease

Environmental and other matters – safe disposal of oil and safety

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